Commercial and Residential Development Consulting



The Development Manager will direct/coordinate the design, review and approval of each phase of the project starting with the selection of the professional team, concept design, budgeting, scheduling, and entitlement with each agency affecting the project. The Manager’s review is inclusive of elements required to manage the project through the final conditions of approval and entitlement. Our experience as a developer, manager, builder, and general contractor provides unique insight for the owner for each phase of the project.


1.       Due Diligence Review:


 Assist Owner with the research and project review.


§  Land Use and Zoning Verification

§  Site Assessment including Title and Easement Review

§  Preparation of ALTA Survey

§  Topographic and physical review

§  Phase I and Environmental Review

§  Asbestos and Contaminant Review

§  Geotechnical Analysis and Fault Review

§  Biological Analysis and Review

§  Utility Assessments

§  Lease/Purchase Agreements

§  Variance Requirements

§  FAA Requirements

§  CUP Requirements

§  Preliminary Review of Design

§  Project Development Schedule

§  Ascertain Public Agency Requirements

§  Evaluation of Owner Program

§  Establish Preliminary Design Criteria

§  Preparation of Project Budget

§  Project Funding and Lender Coordination

§  Recommendation of Success

§  Cash Flow Analyses






2. Design and Professional Team Coordination:

 Assist Owner with the identification, solicitation of qualifications and professionals’ proposals; and selection of professional firms required for the design and entitlement of the site, project, and infrastructure.

§  Architect

§  Structural Engineer

§  Civil Engineer

§  Landscape Architect

§  Underground Utilities Consultant

§  Political Liaisons

§  Design Criteria

§  Geotechnical Studies

§  Needs Assessment

§  Community Support Groups

§  Sound Studies

§  Green House Gas Studies

§  Air Quality Studies

§  Biological Analysis and Review

§  Traffic/Parking Studies

3. Entitlement:

Represent Owner in all aspects of Planning, Entitlement, and Processing with the City, County, State and Federal agencies including coordination with specialty consultants, legal counsel, and interested parties:

Prepare, Submit and Process Applications, Project promotion, and review with local and other agencies Coordinate Specialty Permitting with, but not limited to:


§  California Department of Fish and Game

§  Army Corp. of Engineering

§  FAA Requirements

§  United States Fish and Wildlife

§  State Water Quality Permits

§  Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

§  Water Quality Management Plan

§  PM- Permitting

§  Review and Process other jurisdictional requirements

§  Negotiate Conditions of Approval

§  Represent Owner at all Public Hearings